The Birmingham Spinal Clinic is a multidisciplinary team led by spinal surgeon
Mr Andre Jackowski. The Spinal Clinic aims to provide the best possible evidence-based
treatments for patients with spinal problems whether by simple advice, physiotherapy
exercises, pain relief or if indicated by spinal surgery.







The Spinal Clinic E-learning resource

Welcome to our E-learning resource. In this section of the website we will gradually build up an electronic library of educational articles, presentations and reviews relating to spinal conditions and their evidence-based treatment. Although primarily to assist doctors and therapists in their educational and professional development needs, others such as patients and commissioners of services may also find it useful.

Research News

Rest or Exercise: Which is the most effective in lower back pain due to
Modic changes?

Low back pain secondary to modic changes is a recognised association and there has been uncertainty about what best to recommend to patients with these findings on MRI. A recently published clinical trial compared exercise therapy and staying active against daily rest and a lumbar support. This showed that both treatments were equally effective (or non-effective) in resulting in a small degree of improvement in pain, disability and general health. The study was carried out at the Spine Centre of Southern Denmark and published in BioMed Central's open access journal BMC Medicine. In the study patients were treated for 10 weeks with either two hours rest a day and a lumbar support or exercise therapy, once a week, supplemented by active living. The study found no differences in levels of pain, disability, general health, depression or clinically important improvement between the two groups at either 10 weeks or one year. Some small improvements were seen in both groups and the authors speculated this might be more due to the patient taking control of their condition rather than any effect of the treatment itself.

Advanced Lectures & Courses

Cervical spine Research Society Hands on Spinal surgical training course for young surgeon:

The XIth CSRS-ES Instructional Course - will be taking place in Barcelona on the 18th-19th October 2012. This course on which Mr Jackowski from the Spinal Clinic will be teaching is aimed at newly-appointed consultants and trainees doing fellowships in spinal surgery. If you are interested in attending please book early via the link given below:

Basic Spinal Lectures available as PDF files

Available mid year 2012 to download free - a number of more basic lectures on spinal disorders and their treatment.