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Before any surgery

Before considering surgery for back or neck problems it is important to consider whether everything else that could be done first has been looked at first. There are a number of areas to consider, these are:
Conservative treatment - has physiotherapy or other therapy and simple medications been tried in the first instance? Sometimes symptoms will improve with attention to ergonomic issues such as your work environment, or simple exercises to either strengthen or relax affected muscles.

Time - has the condition been allowed sufficient time to settle of its own accord? Many episodes of back or neck pain or nerve root irritation will improve or resolve completely over a matter of a few weeks.

Lifestyle - have you looked critically at your health and lifestyle? Sometimes weight loss, stopping smoking and or increasing your exercise levels can help reduce symptoms.

The recovery process will still take time and there will be some discomfort after any surgery. Different people recover at different rates and this will be affected by your age, general health, mental outlook and the type of surgery you have had. After some spinal operations such as a cervical foraminotomy a patient will be able to drive and return to office work after only three weeks. A patient having microdiscectomy surgery for a 'slipped disc' causing sciatica can usually expect to return to most normal activities at five weeks. However, other operations such as a major spinal fusion for a degenerative scoliosis may take many months to recover from. 

If you have surgery

The good news if you do need surgery is that increased specialisation means spinal surgery should only now be done by wholly dedicated spinal surgeons. Modern surgical techniques and reduced invasiveness in spinal procedures also means that patients can be far more confident of achieving an excellent outcome when it come to any surgery. Similarly, more modern techniques of microsurgery and less invasive surgery usually result in patients experiencing much less postoperative discomfort and quicker recovery times than in years gone by.


Standard consultation appointments are priced as follows:
New Appointments: £200

Follow-Up Appointments: £165 

Non-Insured Patients
Please contact us and we will be happy to talk with you about the costs for different surgical procedures. We can also advise you on different payment schemes that are available through the hospital.

Surgical Procedures:
Insured Patients
Mr Jackowski is fully recognised and approved by BUPA, PPP. PruHealth, the Police Health Care Scheme and other leading private health insurers. Please always check with your insurer to obtain pre-authorisation before consultations.

The Birmingham Spinal Clinic is a multidisciplinary team led by spinal surgeon
Mr Andre Jackowski. The Spinal Clinic aims to provide the best possible evidence-based
treatments for patients with spinal problems whether by simple advice, physiotherapy
exercises, pain relief or if indicated by spinal surgery.