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  • Testimonials

    Christopher Mintern

    Problem:Severe neck pain and left arm pain
    Diagnosis:Acute cervical disc prolapse
    Treatment:Anterolateral foraminotomy

    " I am a 49 year old company director and have always considered myself to be fit and healthy. However, one Friday morning in September 2009, I was dressing for work and found I could not put on my tie. My left arm felt strangely numb and I couldn't raise it above shoulder height. Being a typical male, I thought it would pass - so I left for work as normal. After a few hours an excruciating pain began to develop - running down my left shoulder and arm. I contacted my GP surgery and managed to see a doctor that same day. My GP immediately referred me to an orthopaedic consultant - who I saw within a few days. During this time he pain increased to a level I had never experienced before in my life! The consultant arranged for MRI scans of my neck and shoulder together with EMG tests. The scans and test results suggested a problem with a "disc' in my neck. This led to a further referral to Mr Andre Jackowski in early October 2009.

    My appointment with Mr Jackowski was an uplifting experience - despite the extreme discomfort I was feeling, he explained in very clear and simple terms what was wrong with me and more importantly that he was very confident that he could "fix" the problem. Mr Jackowski explained that a disc in my neck was bulging and pressing on a nerve - thus causing the pain and restricted movement. His suggested course of action was to undergo surgery at the earliest opportunity! Both my wife and I were a little concerned when Mr Jackowski outlined the procedure, as it involved cutting my neck and accessing the problematic disc from the "front" rather than the back of my neck. However, once Mr Jackowski detailed the number of such operations he has performed and the subsequent success rates he had achieved I had no hesitation in agreeing to undergo the operation. The surgery was performed at the Priory Hospital on 9th October 2009.

    I can honestly say that as soon as I opened my eyes after the operation the pain I had endured in previous weeks had completely gone. There was some slight soreness of my neck where the incision had been made - but this was absolutely nothing in comparison to what I had been experiencing. I was scheduled to stay in hospital for 2 nights - but my recovery was considered good enough to allow me home the very next day. Everything associated with my stay at the hospital both before and after surgery was excellent. The accommodation, food and more importantly the care and attention from all the medical staff was first class.

    I saw Mr Jackowski approximately 5 weeks after surgery - and it was obvious that the procedure had been a resounding success. I was given the OK to resume swimming and non-impact exercise from January 2010. I now swim regularly again and have recently took up "spinning" classes with no adverse effects whatsoever. Whilst I would obviously have preferred not to have suffered from the prolapsed disc in the first instance - I believe I could not have wished for a more positive outcome following my operation.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend any person in a similar situation to contact Mr Andre Jackowski at The Birmingham Spinal Clinic." 

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